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In order to prevent blade dislodging, damage or excessive wear on the plunger, please make sure to have surface of the base plate attached to the work piece while sawing. At low speed do not cut a wood with a thickness of more than 10 mm or metal with a thickness of more than 1 mm. To ensure accurate cutting when using the guide Fig. When sawing a small circular arc, reduce the feeding speed of the machine.

slabire chana dal

If the machine is fed too fast, it could cause the blade to break. Circular cutting must be done with the blade approximately vertical to the bottom surface of the base.

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Angular cutting can not slabire chana dal done when adopting dust collector. Connecting with cleaner sold separately By connecting with cleaner through dust collector and adapter sold separatelymost of dust can be collected. When cutting metallic materials, use an appropriate cutting fluid spindle oil, soapy water, etc.

  • Cela diminue fortement la durée de vie de chaque composant de la machine.
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When cutting a window hole in materials other than lumber, initially bore a hole with a drill or similar tool from which to start cutting.

Do not fix and secure the switch lock. Otherwise, the main body switch can be inadvertently turned ON, resulting in unexpected accidents. Do not expose directly your eye to the light by looking into the light.

If your eye is continuously exposed to the light, your eye will be hurt. Never touch moving parts. Never operate without all guards in place. Never operate this tool without all guards or safety features in place and in proper working order.

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If maintenance slabire chana dal servicing requires the removal of a guard or safety feature, be sure to replace the guard slabire chana dal safety feature before resuming operation of the tool. NEVER leave tool running unattended. Do not operate power tools in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust. Jig saw create sparks which may ignite the dust or fumes.

slabire chana dal

The power tool is equipped with a temperature protection circuit to protect the motor. Continuous work may cause the temperature of the unit to rise, activating the temperature protection circuit and automatically stopping operation.

If this happens, allow the power tool to cool before resuming use. Do not give a strong shock to the switch panel or break it.

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It may lead to a trouble. Do not use the product if the tool or the battery terminals battery mount are deformed. Installing the battery could cause a short circuit that could result in smoke emission or ignition. Doing so could cause a short circuit that could result in smoke emission or ignition.

Giftige Dämpfe! Kein Betrieb im Innenbereich. Kraftstoffe sind brennbar. Kein Feuer!

To extend the lifetime, the lithium-ion battery equips with the protection function to stop the output. In the cases of 1 to 3 described below, when using this product, even if you are pulling the switch, the motor may stop. This is not the trouble but the result of protection function.

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When the battery power remaining runs out, the motor stops. In such a case, charge it up immediately. If the tool is overloaded, the motor may stop.

slabire chana dal

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